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Brown Teddy

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My son when he was very small had a security blanket that was soft, loosely woven, cream and baby blue, and he held it up to his face like Linus in the comic strip, carrying it like that through stages of disintegration until it was reduced to a handful of strands. Even then it must […]

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Nat Bartsch Trio

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Art and music traditions are abiding fascinations for me, and for most viewers of this site I imagine. Any genre that has been around long enough to be called a tradition will have moved across a good deal of territory, through many transformations, until examples from different periods can at first seem inimical to each […]

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Gig review: Ten Part Invention

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Ten Part Invention Venue 505 – Sydney Saturday 20 April 2013 First published on With a 27th anniversary looming, this much-loved ten piece band brought many old followers and a number who were both new and young to 505 (the ground level one: the old 505 still operates in its loft-like space behind Central […]

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John & Clare Streets

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This is perfectly true. If you ride out toward Glebe point along the Glebe Point Road then take a dive down to your left around Mansfield Street then weave around through the streets and lanes below Woolley Street which is near the tennis courts once owned by Lew Hoad’s family you will come upon the […]

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Cloud Wall

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At Maroubra I sat on my bike and gazed out to sea. A wall of blue-black cloud had begun to rise from the horizon. It would slide up the sky, its leading edge quite straight, and then begin to arch over high above, due to the curvature of the earth. By then the rain would […]

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