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One Thing We Did

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We caught a ferry from Rockhampton, then camped very cheaply just outside the resort on Great Keppel Island. At the resort’s perimeter we could buy a coffee or a meal at an outside cafe. Those inside, presumably paying a price far beyond our means, rarely left the confines of that playground. They seemed to prefer […]

Cranky Spell: Baby Boomers and Other Gurus’ Bloopers

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You might remember Dicko, the curiously irksome talent show judge. Recently he said this, ‘One thing you cannot take away from the baby boomers is that they invented rock and roll.’ Hmm, sorry, but I’ll take that away right now. I was a teenager in the classic rock and roll era which peaked about the […]

Tony Abbott’s Inspired Restoration

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I grew up with P.G.Wodehouse, The Goons, Monty Python, etc, so I welcome Tony Abbott’s brilliant decision to re-open for this country the rich vein of ludicrousness represented by knights and dames. No sooner had he done so than every television identity had bestowed a title on his or her co-presenter. Childish, you might say. […]