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Ugly. Even like unto sin.

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All politicians are ugly in a way that is deep and foul. It is a profoundly spiritual ugliness. Never are they more ugly than when overtaken by the delusion that they are performance artists. All politicians should leave their personalities at home.I would not wish to wound anybody, so if you are a politician stop […]

Allan Browne

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You need a certain innocence to tackle projects like a jazz projection of The Illiad and Ithaca and make it meaningful and casual, not overblown. You have to be very highly regarded to be able to recruit such players, such composers and arrangers as he did, for these projects.

His last bow (for now)

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Just over there in the city, where from my perspective it first gathers on the hillside across the park, the low sun glitters in the tinted glass of a curtain wall building – perhaps the only one from that period of modernism built down here. I am walking on my side toward the viaduct where […]