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Fake Autum

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It’s all we’ve got. Looking out the side from the bathroom window I can’t see the winter morning sun directly, but like water finding the lowest channel, the sun’s light has found a narrow clearway between walls and over low roofs to the street beyond the neighbouring back wall, where it irradiates a tree. This […]

Death Somewhere Near The Nile

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In 1965 my then wife and I went to live in London for a while and we travelled by ship because it was cheaper than flying at that time. Not only was the fare much less but we could sometimes spend a couple of days or even three in an exotic place without paying for […]

Brown Teddy

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My son when he was very small had a security blanket that was soft, loosely woven, cream and baby blue, and he held it up to his face like Linus in the comic strip, carrying it like that through stages of disintegration until it was reduced to a handful of strands. Even then it must […]

Confessions of a sex addict

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Ve haf vays of gettingk your attention… When I was younger, and not that much younger if the truth be known, I had a lot of sex. Nothing like the thousand or more claimed by certain rock stars. Nor did I ever envy them their wretched excess. Why would you do it with so many […]

Nat Bartsch Trio

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Art and music traditions are abiding fascinations for me, and for most viewers of this site I imagine. Any genre that has been around long enough to be called a tradition will have moved across a good deal of territory, through many transformations, until examples from different periods can at first seem inimical to each […]