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Advance Hair Yeah Yeah!

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I am sure that many readers – and I hear this posting is going positively bubonic! – have wondered why I continue, though stricken in years, to body surf. What ho! Have I not noticed the advent of the board? Yes, yes, but when I began to surf at ancient Maroubra, home of iron man and surf swimming champ Barry Rogers and English Channel swimmer Des Renford, I was far too small to carry let alone manoeuver, the great boards of that era, which stood far taller than I did and were made of sturdy laminations of varnished marine ply with a brass loop to drag it through the shallows and sharp brass casing at the bow end to kill anything in the way.

Breakfast With Malcom Turnbull (When His Hair Was Black)

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A long time ago – when Malcolm Turnbull’s hair was black – I went home with a woman who shared a house in Paddington, Sydney, with either Malcolm Turnbull’s sister or his future wife, who was related to the art critic Robert Hughes and the famous lawyer Tom Hughes. I could look this up, but […]


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His belly holds a certain fascination, though I would not like to see it bare. It is solid and tight, and though not flabby as far as one can determine, is big enough to wobble disgustingly. Not huge, but well rounded, like his calves, it is clad as usual in a leather waistcoat the colour […]