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Ghost On The Coast

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If  you drive well south of Sydney on the roadway high above the coast, through Heathcote and other vaguely remembered stages on surfing and diving adventures, past the tops of the Bulli Pass and the Macquarie Pass, you will possibly notice the Big Potato at Robertson. Possibly not. It is of modest size – scarcely […]

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Carmen Correctness

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Recently there was a little pro and contra re the staging of Bizet’s opera Carmen. Should it be re-enacted in its original setting, which was a cigarette factory? And should the heroine – a pioneer female libertarian – smoke on stage, as per the original directions? I have very personal reasons to be down on […]

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Working Up Some Wrath

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1. Ah yes, I see that I have been invited once more to LIKE someone’s new status. At the risk of revealing myself to be a complete snob, I will admit that I do LIKE their new status as Governor General much more than their old status as garbage man. 2. I have yet another […]

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When you surf, or skate on ice, you cut the surface. The friction heightens the feeling of speed. On roller skates or riding a bike the wheels tumble under in surrender to the running road. This is a fluid interaction, more particularly on a bike because you are rolling on air and rubber: the inflatable […]

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The Craft

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Although I am a fairly obscure writer – by which I mean not terrifically well known – I do get asked questions about the craft surprisingly often; and it is quite probable that there lies not so far beneath the surface an urge to blather mildly on the subject. After all, language is often cited […]

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